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Software Bots Multiply to Cope With ‘Stretched’ Resources

November 30, 2022

Companies plan to leverage software robots in the months ahead, as many grapple with strained resources and uncertain markets.

Known as robotic process automation, or bots, the software is typically designed to handle a range of routine office tasks, such as processing payroll data or expense reports, and fielding call-center queries. More advanced bots can review more complex paperwork, including legal documents and contracts.

Companies typically outsource development of bots to third-party software firms. There are also RPA platforms designed to enable businesses to make their own custom-made bots.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. plans to accelerate its use of RPA over the next several months, said Mike Maresca, the drugstore chain’s global chief technology officer. The aim, he said, is to make operations more resilient to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, while adapting to changing customer needs, among other goals.

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